Sunday, December 24, 2006

Rhyme Quiz

Which of the following words form a rhyming pair?

(Identify each correct answer.)

A. said / laid
B. perish / varnish
C. bout / about
D. love / us
E. rye / replied
F. polymath / polygraph
G. slant / went
H. tree / gallantry
I. stealing / feelings
J. atrophy / philosophy
K. civilization / immunization
L. leaf / relief
M. tough / though
N. wish / radish
O. indecipherable / rabble
P. cup / abrupt
Q. eye / I
R. lease / please
S. house / south
T. stick / cleric
U. open / then
V. ring / enabling
W. female / emails
X. arrange / orange
Y. (all of the above)
Z. (none of the above)

Answer (highlight space below):

Z. (none of the above)

If you answered correctly and understand why the other choices were wrong, congratulations, you're ready to start rhyming.

If you answered incorrectly, or highlighted the answer without taking the quiz, then you should read the previous post (What Is a Rhyme?) before moving on.

If you disagree with the answer, and want to toss around nonsense phrases like “slant rhyme,” “eye rhyme,” and “near rhyme,” then read the previous post twice.

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