Sunday, December 24, 2006

Verse Drama Contest

The Poetry Foundation is offering a $10,000 prize and a staged reading for the best new verse drama.

This is of course a fantastic idea, and I hope the prize goes to a worthy play.

I will not be entering my own verse drama, Valentino, as it does not conform to the contest rules (Valentino will be published next month, and my play is longer than two hours).

So I can honestly wish all of you other verse dramatists the best of luck!


Daniel Guyton said...

I've just completed my first Verse Drama also. Any word on new contests opening up? I've been searching on Google for Verse Play competitions. Please let me know if you hear of any!
-Dan Guyton

David Wisehart said...

Congratulations on finishing your play!

There are lots of play competitions, but only one that I know of for verse drama.

If I discover any others, I'll mention them here.